Case Studies Lounge and Conservatory Refurbishment

Lounge and Conservatory Refurbishment

Always keeping residents in mind.

Lounge and Conservatory Refurbishment

With this refurbishment we had the pleasure in supplying furniture in a beautifully situated conservatory. We didn't want the residents to miss out on any of the views, therefore we provided furniture that would fit nicely along the original brick wall for their residents to be able to relax and enjoy the views as much as we did.

News & Events
FREE DELIVERY for the month of January!
Merry Christmas from Haydens
Interior Design Evening
Hayden Furnishings joined with Lakeside Nursing Home as they hosted a design plan event
Burnley Memory Walk
Burnley 'Memory Walk' supporting those with Dementia.
New Wellbeing Centre
Supporting a new ultra-modern wellbeing centre.
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